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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Minecraft, as the name suggests, is a game about creating various things out of blocks by either breaking or placing them around. As you build the blocks, you construct a virtual world of your own. Players here have freedom to be imaginative about whatever they make without a specific target to attain. So now one can build their own houses, roads, bridges or even castles if they wish to in the game. This is the type of game for you if creativity is your thing. And more if you like to use it to create stuffs! And hey, smacking to break up stuffs is just as much fun. Also, no worries at all if creating alone does not fulfill your cup of tea, the game holds many exciting adventurous aspects too. You can go flying; go exploring different enchanting areas like forests, oceans, mountains, and caves to collect different kind of blocks or you can chase blocky sheep to make cozy little bed for yourself. You can also grab delicious fruits from the forests, flowers to put around your house. To add more thrill to the game, you can go combating enemies as zombies, spiders, skeletons and other spooky creatures specially around the dark places or during the nighttime, and that too with weapons and armors that you yourself craft in the game. Now how cool is that! The farther you go from your base, the stronger and dangerous the enemies get which just adds up to more and more adventure. So yes, you can move across the worlds (a lot of it!) collecting resources as well as foods and crafting structures and shelters during the in-game day time then come back and survive through the night in that house you craft. With its unique retrospective graphics and evoking music, minecraft presents its players with an interesting surrounding for them to build, and that too in a variety of modes and levels to choose from. It consists of four different difficulty levels ranging from peaceful (the easiest) to hard. It also has four modes: the survival mode where players can collect and build things and not only that but they also have to protect themselves from the night creatures and maintain steady hunger bar as well as a health bar. Players can maintain the bars by hunting for food. It might sound quite wearisome but it definitely is as much rewarding. In the creative mode, players can build large, unique and creative structures as palaces and castles from resources to which they gain unlimited access here in this mode. Another one is the adventure mode. In this mode the players experience adventures from the custom maps made by others. This helps to exchange experiences between players. The spectator mode enables the players to teleport and view game through the point of view of another player or any creature in the game world. This helps the player to collect some different useful insights to the same thing on game. Oh you’re not getting bored anytime soon my friend! It also features two alternative dimensions along with the overworld, which is the normal game world, until you enter through a portal and voila! You’ve reached another dimension. These other dimensions are the Nether and the End. The Nether is kind of a hell like dimension with special resources for your creations. Collect these resources from amongst the fires, molten lava and enemies from hell! The portals also help travel great distance in overworld, which is an advantage to the players. The End is a dimension of an empty Island. Unlike in the other versions, the pocket edition however does not have any boss in the game. Multiple players can connect and interact in the game world via a single server or even user created external server or through pocket edition realms. It’s even more exciting and fun game with your friends. Despite the limited features, the pocket edition has improvised lively graphics and amended terrains. This does makes your journey rather memorable. Crafting is also simpler in this edition. And what’s more? You get all this adventure in your hands from your pocket in an instant, whenever and wherever you want it! Thanks to the pocket edition.